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Q) How much does a membership cost ?

A) Each Moon Box is .....

$45.00 + $9.00 Shipping. (US)

$45.00 + $24.00 Shipping (Canada)    

 $45.00 + $33.00 Shipping (International excluding Canada)                               

Q) International Shipping ?

A) We now offer Shipping to Canada as well as international.

Q) What is in The Moon Box ?

A) Each box will include:

  • A full size handcrafted spell candle wrapped in aged parchment. A spell from our personal book of shadows will be included on each parchment 
  • A print of our hand-painted mandala, sigil, or rune
  • 3 bags of featured herbs
  • A 4oz jar of Sacred Salt
  • A full size bottle of anointing oil
  • Featured Smudge 
  • 6 pack of incense 
  • A beautiful hand picked crystal
  • 1 to 2 large featured items
  • During Sabbat months a celebration item will be included


Q) When does my Moon Box ship?

A) You are able to subscribe from the 10th to the 10th of the following month that the box will be received. For example, If you order your box of December 11th, you will receive you January Box before the 18th of January. 

Q) What day each month does my card get charged?

A) Your card will be charged on the same day that you first subscribed each month.

Q) Can I cancel my subscription any time?

A) After your first charge you will be able to cancel any future subscriptions. You are even able to skip subscriptions.