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Hand Created Intentions Necklace (Jade)

Hand Created Intentions Necklace (Jade)


Hand Created Intention Necklace 

Hand-knotted with varieties of Jade, Jasper and Rudraksha Beads. The varieties of Jade promote Wisdom, Balance and Peace while encouraging our consciousness to increase at a higher level. Green Jasper Strengthens the human connection to the Earth and promotes emotional healing. One of the uses of the Rudraksha is to help aid in the path of self-realization. We have hand-made and knotted this necklace and tassel with the intentions of helping the wearer connect with the energies of these stones and seed to help you grow in the areas you desire. We use these beads by first, clearing our minds and cleansing ourselves. Run your finger over each bead as you state your intention, focusing only on the outcome of your intention with strong intensity. After you have finished your ritual, wear your necklace as an energizer and reminder of your intention. This necklace is a fantastic tool to use as we transition to new journey’s in life. Although there are a lot of changes in the future, we can use this tool to keep our goals as a focal point.

This item was handcrafted by The Moon Box

Colors May Vary

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